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Miss LLumar 1/8 Hydro RTR

Nuovo Miss LLumar 1/8 Hydro RTR Visualizza ingrandito


Nuovo prodotto

Velocissimo !!!

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269,00 € tasse incl.

Miss LLumar 1/8 Hydro RTR

Key Features

  • Completely assembled and ready for the water
  • Powerful Zenoah® G26 engine and water-cooled tuned exhaust system
  • Centrifugal clutch and water pump
  • Stainless steel running hardware
  • Factory-painted fiberglass composite hull
  • JR XR3i radio system
  • 1/8 scale replica of one the unlimited hydro series strongest competitors

Needed To Complete

12AA Batteries (8 for the transmitter & 4 for the receiver)
Zenoah 2-cycle oil
Fuel Pump (HAN155) (be sure the pump you use is rated for gasoline)
Gasoline (+87 Octane), ethanol-free
Flex Shaft lubrication (PRA7145)
CA or epoxy glue (used to build included boat stand)
Fuel container (for gasoline oil mixture)


Handcrafted in fiberglass-composite and fully detailed, it faithfully recreates the look and feel of the full-size race boat. Additionally, the Miss LLumar comes pre-assembled and ready to run, making the jump into large-scale boating as easy as filling the tank and firing the engine. Stainless steel running hardware offers precise control at high speeds, and the tuned exhaust extracts every ounce of power from the engine. A JR® XR3i radio system is also installed for precise control and adjustment.

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