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Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF, 87

Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF, 87 Visualizza ingrandito


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498,00 € tasse incl.

Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF, 87"

The new Hangar 9 Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF is designed for sport and scale flying and offers a wide range of performance and handling. It's configurable for gas, glow, and electric power systems and has a convenient, low assembly time.


Piper Pawnee ag and utility airplanes have earned a reputation for friendly handling while being capable of everything from crop dusting to towing gliders, banners and beyond. The Hangar 9® Pawnee Brave 20cc is a giant-scale ARF model of the larger, more powerful, and more capable Pawnee Brave variant. It can be powered with an electric motor, glow, or gas engine to deliver a wide range of performance from scale-like to sport aerobatic flying capabilities. Functional flaps improve slow-speed handling while also offering versatile takeoff and landing abilities. LED landing lights and a clear canopy add to the scale look and flying experience, while tundra-style wheels/tires make it possible to fly from paved, dirt, gravel, and grass surfaces. The factory-applied UltraCote® film and painted-fiberglass parts finish saves you time and looks great, plus the two-piece, plug-in wing makes it easy to transport and store.


  • Expertly constructed with laser-cut balsa and plywood
  • Two-piece, plug-in wing and horizontal stabilizer make field assembly fast
  • Functional flaps and add realism and a wider flight envelope
  • Painted fiberglass cowl
  • Matching painted aluminum landing gear
  • Large top-hatch provides easy access to electronics and flight batteries
  • Detailed cockpit area features a scale pilot, instrument decal and canopy
  • A self-aligning drill guide makes all recommended power options easy to install
  • Easy to maintain, genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® film covering
  • Includes motor mount for the electric power option
  • Complete hardware kit includes a matching spinner
The new Hangar 9® Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF is designed for scale to sport flying. It offers a wide range of performance and handling depending on power system, as well as low assembly time. The 80" wingspan with a two-piece wing makes it a more practical and affordable giant-scale model. For intermediate to experienced pilots interested in a practical giant-scale ARF model of Piper's agricultural "crop dusting" and utility aircraft, it includes functional LED landing lights and flaps, tundra-style wheels/tires and can be powered with an electric motor, glow or gas engine for scale-like sport aerobatic flying. The genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® covering and painted-fiberglass parts saves you time and looks great. It also includes scale details such as detailed cockpit area with scale pilot, instrument decal and canopy. The Hangar 9 Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF can take you from crop dusting all the way to aerobatic flying all in one performance-minded aircraft.
Easy Assembly 
Easy Assembly

The wing design makes transport and storage as practical and convenient as possible.


HAN7035 Header Image  

Power It the Way You Want It 

Power It the Way You Want It

The Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF is designed to accept 20cc class gas engines, glow engines and electric motors.

Convenience Features 

Convenience Features

The wing panels feature a strong aluminum tube joiner for ease of transport and storage. When the model is upright, full access inside the model is through a large top hatch that makes any maintenance and battery changes simple.


LiPo Compatibility 6S
Completion Level Almost Ready-To-Fly
Minimum Speed Control 100A
Product Weight Gas: 194.4oz (5513g), Electric: 166.7oz (4725g) Without Battery
Spinner Size 2.28" (58 mm)
Minimum Required Radio 8+ Channels
Radio Sold Separately
Charger Sold Separately
Receiver Sold Separately
Power Type Electric/Gas
Servos Sold Separately
Skill Level Level 3
Trim Scheme Colors White HANU870, Black HANU874, True Red HANU866
Wingspan 87" (2210 mm)
Approximate Assembly Time 15-20 Hours
Flaps Yes
Material Wood
Battery Sold Separately
Engine Size 20cc
Product Length 61" (1549 mm)
Speed Control Sold Separately

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