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UMX Conscendo BNF Basic AS3X and SAFE

UMX Conscendo BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Visualizza ingrandito


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179,00 € tasse incl.

UMX Conscendo BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select

Scaled down from the extremely popular E-flite® Conscendo® Evolution 1.5m, the UMX™ Conscendo delivers the same unique blend of soaring, sport, and aerobatic flight performance in more places and smaller spaces with affordable 2S and 3S batteries!

Key Features
  • Scaled down from the popular Conscendo Evolution 1.5m for soaring, sport flying, and high energy aerobatics in more places and smaller spaces
  • Removable wing with quarter turn thumbscrew for even more convenient storage and transport in the box with a handle
  • Powerful 2S and 3S compatible brushless power system with outrunner motor and folding propeller
  • Composite reinforced airframe with strong and precise ball-link equipped linkages
  • Optional-use flaperons and spoilerons for added capabilities
Skill Level 2 - Some Experience Required 
Skill Level 2 - Next Step After a Trainer, Some Experience Required

Next Step aircraft, like this one, are the best choice for those who have successfully learned to fly with a trainer and are ready to graduate to their next aircraft. It’s also an easy and extremely fun to fly model for experienced pilots too!

The E-flite UMX Conscendo is a scaled-down, ultra-micro version of the Conscendo Evolution 1.5m! As the most powerful, capable, and fun to fly version yet, the Conscendo Evolution took the market by storm and quickly became one of the best-selling and most popular E-flite models ever. It delivered a unique blend of soaring, sport, and aerobatic flight performance that made it a favorite for sport pilots and glider enthusiasts alike. And now, the UMX Conscendo makes it possible to enjoy that same flight experience in more places and smaller spaces from large yards to parks, sports fields, and beyond! It's even more affordable and convenient - while also being easy to fly - which makes it a perfect choice for a wide range of low-time to experienced pilots.

Whether you're a low-time pilot looking for your next airplane after learning to fly with a trainer, or an experienced pilot interested in an ultra-micro sized version of the incredibly popular Conscendo Evolution 1.5m, the E-flite UMX Conscendo is an easy and extremely fun to fly sport aerobatic motor glider that offers a flying experience you simply can't get with any other model! With a 2S LiPo battery, the factory-installed brushless power system - featuring a telemetry-capable ESC, specially-tuned outrunner motor, and folding prop - delivers plenty of thrust for fast climbs to soaring altitude, sport flying, and basic aerobatics. Or, when using a 3S 300mAh battery, it delivers even more speed and thrust for unlimited vertical performance without the need for modifications or upgrades! The composite-reinforced airframe has the strength and stiffness to handle anything experienced pilots will want to do with all that power, performance, and full 4-channel control. Yet the UMX Conscendo is still easy to launch, fly, and land because it features exclusive AS3X and optional-use SAFE Select technologies. Plus, you can enable the optional use flaperons and spoilerons for even more capabilities! Best of all, the UMX Conscendo arrives almost fully factory-assembled and nearly ready to fly right out of the box. Simply install the one-piece wing with the quarter turn thumbscrew, install a charged battery, bind it to your 5+ channel DSMX/DSM2 equipped Spektrum transmitter and you're ready to fly!”

Uniquely Capable 

Uniquely Capable

Construction with composite-reinforced EPS results in a lightweight yet stiff and durable airframe. This means the UMX Conscendo can handle high speeds and high energy aerobatics - yet is still light enough to deliver excellent soaring and sport flying performance, plus long flight times up to 15+ minutes with a mix of power on and power off flying. You can even enable the optional-use flaperons and spoilerons for added capabilities!



The UMX Conscendo arrives factory-assembled and nearly ready to fly right out of the box. Simply install the one-piece wing with the quarter turn thumbscrew, install a charged battery, bind it to your 5+ channel DSMX/DSM2 equipped Spektrum transmitter and you're ready to fly!

Higher Performance 

Higher Performance

The factory-installed brushless outrunner motor is specially-tuned to deliver an abundance of thrust with 2S 280-300mAh batteries (a suitable JST-RCY to JST-PH adapter may be required), or more speed and unlimited vertical performance with 3S 300mAh batteries without the need for any modifications or upgrades.

Exclusive Technologies 

Exclusive Technologies

This UMX Conscendo is equipped with exclusive Spektrum AS3X and SAFE Select technologies. AS3X works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence to deliver a locked-in feel that makes it seem like you're flying a much larger airplane. Optional-use SAFE Select offers pitch and bank angle limits along with automatic self-leveling that can be turned on and off at the flip of a switch to make easier to fly!


LiPo Compatibility 3S, 2S
Completion Level Bind-N-Fly Basic
Recommended Motor Battery 300mAh 11.1V 3S 30C LiPo Battery with JST Connector
Motor Type Brushless
Speed Control Included
Battery Connector JST-RCY
Minimum Required Radio 5+ channel Spektrum™ DSMX®/DSM2® Compatible Transmitter
Radio Sold Separately
Technology AS3X and SAFE
Product Weight 4.7oz (134g) with Recommended Battery
Power Type Electric
Servos Included
Skill Level Level 2 - NS
Wingspan 31.57" (802 mm)
Approximate Assembly Time Less than 5 minutes
Material EPS
Battery Sold Separately
Connector Type JST-RCY
Product Length 20.63" (524 mm)
Charger Sold Separately
Receiver Included

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